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“Properly Setting Up Your WordPress Website”

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This presentation focuses on installing and configuring a new WordPress website from the ground up to be as secure, manageable, and fast as you can get it. WordPress security covers how to “harden” WordPress, block “bot attacks”, and make Spam as pain-free as possible all without any plugins. Management covers user access, media management, and developing a content strategy. Performance is an overview of different types of caching. “White paper” resources and online slides will be available.

Resources Mentioned in the Presentation:

“Plugin BootCamp”

This was a 4 hour workshop by Yaron Guez and myself. We walked the BootCampers from taking a theme that had Custom Post Types, Metaboxes, and Taxonoies all built into it, then showed how to easily put those into a simple “Procedural” plugin, similar to Bill Erickson’s Core Functionality plugin. Then transitioned to showing how to make a Procedural plugin into an Object Oriented plugin using Tom McFarlin’s Plugin Boilerplate.


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